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Sources cited in those works are not repeated in this paper. Black, C. F County Folklore. Ill, Orkney and Shet- land Islands. London, Bolton, Henry Carrington. The Counting-out Rhymes of Children. Gutch, Mrs County Folklore.

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London, 1. Newell, William Wells. Games and Songs of American Children. New York, Northall, G. F English Folk Rhymes. The rhymes are arranged according to the classification given by Bolton in the work listed above. Although the present collection of counting-out rhymes in Michigan is far from being exhaustive, it is offered for publication with the thought that it may facilitate the collection of other such rhymes.

It may or may not be fair to assume that the rhymes of the present collection stand in approximately the same proportion to all such rhymes in Michigan at the present time as the English counting-out rhymes collected by Bolton in the United States stood to all such rhymes in this country at the time his work was published. At any rate, it is hoped that the brief comparison given below under each group heading is not altogether out of place.

¡Pio Peep!: Traditional Spanish Nursery Rhymes by Alma Flor Ada

Bolton's collection contains thirty-three versions. The present col- lection contains ten versions. Compare Bolton, p. One, two, three, Mother caught a flea; Flea died; mother cried; Out goes she. Margaret Stoll, Escanaba.

Pio Peep! Traditional Spanish Nursery Rhymes Book and CD: Bilingual Spanish-English (CD-Audio)

One potato, two potato, three potato, four, Five potato, six potato, seven potato o'er. Thelma Thurlby, Hudson. One, two, three, The bumblebee. The rooster crows, And away she goes. Ferolin Brooks, Ypsilanti. One, two, three, four, Nellie at the cottage door, Giving cherries to the poor. One, two, three, four. Gertrude Jones, Hancock. Ruth Vandeveer, Colona. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, All good children go to Heaven; Penny on the water, Tuppence on the sea, Threepence on the railway; Out goes she.

Irene Prisk, Hubbell. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, All good children go to Heaven. Some go up, and some go down, And some go to the burying-ground. Jean Kingston, Detroit. All bad children suffer and die. That shall not be you or I. Berniece Elliott, Ypsilanti.

For comparison, see references for No. Ob- viously of recent invention — localized. When the angel rings the bell, All bad children go to — H-u-d-s-o-n. Edna Hardie, Hudson.

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  • For comparison see references for No. When they get there, they will shout, O-u-t, and that spells out. Lillian Gustafson, Lake Mine. Bolton's collection contains twenty-eight versions. The present collection contains seven versions.

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    Queever, quaver, English neighbor, Stringilum, strangilum, Roe Buck. Cornelia Klooster, Holland. One-ery, two-ery, ickery, Ann. Stingalum, stangalum, buck. Stickilum, Stackelum, Wee, Woe, Buck. Helen McKeon, Fenton. Stigerum, stagerum, buck.

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    Margie Crandall, Ypsilanti. Evelyn Bowen, Howard City.

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    One, two, three; out goes she. Zilpha Pearsall, Ypsilanti. Bolton's collection contains thirty-two versions. The present col- lection contains three versions. Hickry, dickry, six and seven. Holla-bone, cracka-bone, ten and eleven. Gobel, Ypsilanti. Compare Black, "County Folklore," 3 : ; Bolton, p. Ferolin Brooks, Northville.

    Gimmery, twaery, hickery, seven, Oucherie, doucherie, ten and eleven; Twael ran, musha dan; Tweedle-dum, twaddle-dum. Twenty-one — schedoo! Louise Gamber, Fayette, O. It is supposed that in the first place the rhymes of Group III con- tained twenty-one words, and that "musky dan," etc. The present collection contains none. Bolton's collection contains twenty-one versions.

    Twenty Nine Rhymes Twenty Nine Rhymes
    Twenty Nine Rhymes Twenty Nine Rhymes
    Twenty Nine Rhymes Twenty Nine Rhymes
    Twenty Nine Rhymes Twenty Nine Rhymes
    Twenty Nine Rhymes Twenty Nine Rhymes
    Twenty Nine Rhymes Twenty Nine Rhymes

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