The Flame Within: Keepers Garden Trilogy, Book One

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Louis loves words. A fast-paced, funny novel for older readers about friendship, family and standing up for what is right. Horrendo can only speak in compliments which makes for some very funny situations. Will and his friends are assigned to various professions, and over the books they meet up in various adventures. Will is chosen to be an apprentice to the mysterious Ranger who has remarkable skills in tracking and melting into the background. Will gradually learns that the work of the Rangers is highly important and respected as they are the scouts and the eyes and ears for the kingdom.

Eric Noss - Author of the Keepers' Garden Trilogy

Before they became the most famous Ranger in the land and the hard-working Ranger Commandant, Halt and Crowley were young friends determined to change the world. In order to become a warrior boys are chosen to form a brotherband. However, Hal Mikkelson is chosen as the reluctant leader of a brotherband of outcasts. A very amusing story about the hazards of doing projects. One of the popular Aussie Bites. Tas gets into a lot of trouble for an ordinary kid.

Why do certain kids pick on him and why does he react so fiercely? An absorbing, well-written story. The book is illustrated with original drawings, engravings and maps of the period, a glossary and historical notes.

She writes mostly for upper primary, and middle school students. A vivid picture of the difficulties of the times, and the strength and love of the family with whom she stays. A compelling, historical time-slip story. Thought provoking. At the end of the book there are some interesting historical notes on Irish immigration to Australia. A disturbed student threatens teachers and fellow students with a test-tube allegedly containing a deadly virus.

It makes a gripping read as well as giving us much to discuss and think about. Very entertaining. She has courage and determination and earns the respect of her captors and finally joins colonists on a journey to Vinland on the coast of America. Jackie uses the dreams of a modern-day boy, Luke, who is studying the play at school to show what really or possibly happened to Lulach and his father Macbeth in eleventh century Scotland. The most fascinating aspect of the story is the theme of whether the truth really matters and whether Shakespeare was justified in making Macbeth a villain for the sake of the play.

This would make a fascinating book for discussion. Prince Narmer was destined to be King of a city state but after a shocking accident he has to leave the land he knows and loves by the Nile and goes with traders and visits the lands of the region, including the wondrous cities of Punt and Ur. Jackie makes this a fascinating and believable adventure. The story is often told in the form of letters by Midge McPherson, who later helps out by driving an ambulance and later still at a casualty station very close to the frontline.

Through this story about three young girls, Jackie French has succeeded in giving a graphic and terribly moving account of the suffering of the soldiers at the front and also of the amazing efforts of so many women working without stop as nurses.

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Surgeon John White defies convention when he adopts Nanberry, an Aboriginal boy who he manages to save from smallpox. He raises Nanberry alongside his white son, Andrew. The story is told from five quite different points of view in short, dated chapters, giving the reader personal perspectives of life in this period.

It tells the story of how a young boy and a dog from an island to the north of Australia get blown off course while in a canoe and end up in northern Australia where they learn to survive in this strange new land. There are kangaroos grazing under orange trees and the sky is always blue. On a nearby beach, Faris meets a group of young people who have come from far different times and places. They are also seeking refuge, and each has their own story of why they had to leave their own story of why they had to leave their country to make a new life for themselves.

It is only when Faris chooses to return to 'real life' and find his father in Australia that he learns the extraordinary truth about the friends he made in the golden beach. This series draws on the well-known poem by A. Paterson and from events rooted in actual history, giving us an untold story behind Australia's early years as an emerging nation. The stories are connected over a century, the first book set in , and the most recent in But drought grips the land, and the shearers are on strike.

Her father has turned swaggie and he's wanted by the troopers. In front of his terrified daughter, he makes a stand against them, defiant to the last. It is also the story of others who had no vote and very little but their dreams. Thirty years have passed since the man from Snowy River made his famous ride. But World War I still casts its shadow across a valley in the heart of Australia, particularly for orphaned sixteen-year-old Flinty McAlpine, who lost a brother when the Snowy River men marched away to war. Why has the man Flinty loves returned from the war so changed and distant?

Why has her brother Andy 'gone with cattle', leaving Flinty in charge of their younger brother and sister and with the threat of eviction from the farm she loves so dearly? A brumby muster held under the watchful eye of the legendary Clancy of the Overflow offers hope. Now Flinty must ride to save her farm, her family and the valley she loves. Set among the landscapes of the great poems of Australia, this book is a love song to the Snowy Mountains and a tribute to Australia's poets who immortalised so much of our land.


Blue hides her crippled legs and scars behind the sparkle of a mermaid's costume; but she's not the only member of the circus hiding a dark secret. The unquenchable Madame Zlosky creates as well as foresees futures. The bearded lady is a young man with laughing eyes. A headless skeleton dangles in the House of Horrors. And somewhere a murderer is waiting to strike again. This third book in the Waltz for Matilda saga is set in , at the height of the Depression. Miss Matilda is still running Drinkwater Station, but has put aside her own tragedy to help those suffering in tough economic times and Joey, from The Girl from Snowy River, uses his new medical skills to solve a mystery.

The year is and the world is at war. Nancy Clancy left school at fourteen to spend a year droving, just like her grandfather Clancy of the Overflow. Yet despite the threat of Japanese invasion, Moira resists, wanting to stay near her husband Ben. But not even Nancy of the Overflow can stop the fall of Singapore and the capture of so many Australian troops.

When their ship is bombed, Nancy, Moira and Gavin are reported missing.

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Back home at Gibbers Creek, Michael refuses to believe the girl he loves has died. As Darwin, Broome and even Sydney are bombed, Australians must fight to save their country. But as Michael and the families of Gibbers Creek discover, there are many ways to love your country, and many ways to fight for it.

This is a story about ultimate survival and the deepest kinds of love. Hippies wear beads, demonstrators march against the Vietnam War, and the world waits to see the first human steps on the moon's surface. But at Gibbers Creek, Jed Kelly sees ghosts, from the past and future, at the Drinkwater billabong where long ago the swaggie leaped to his defiant death. But is seventeen-year-old Jed a con artist or a survivor?

The Flame Within: Keepers' Garden Trilogy, Book One

When she turns up at Drinkwater Station claiming to be the great-granddaughter of Matilda Thompson's dying husband, Jed clearly has secrets. As does a veteran called Nicholas, who was badly wounded in the Vietnam War and now must try to create a life he truly wants to live, despite the ghosts that haunt him too. Set during the turbulence of the late s, this was a time when brilliant and little-known endeavours saw Australia play a vital role in Neil Armstrong's 'one giant leap for mankind' on that first unforgettable moon walk.

The Ghost by the Billabong is a story of deep conflicts and enduring passions - for other people, for the land, and for the future of humanity. Birrung is living with Mr Johnson, chaplain to the Australian colony in , and his family. Generous in spirit, the Johnson family also take in Barney and Elsie who have only just been surviving on their meagre daily rations. Despite living with the Johnsons, Birrung's connection to her people remains strong, and when Mr and Mrs Johnson see how Barney's feeling for Birrung are growing, they gently explain that his friendship with a 'native' girl and all that she taught him about her language and lore must remain a secret - forever.

Simon French writes sensitively about believable and interesting characters that often face a real struggle in their lives. Bon has had a difficult life but as Kieran gets to know him he realises that they have more in common that just being cousins.

Complete List of Nora Roberts Books

Iluak meets with several bears but it is the meeting with a fierce Viking leader which is the most terrifying. The story is set in the time when the indigenous peoples of that region followed the seasons and the paths of migratory animals. It is an absorbing and at times exciting story. Amazingly, the characters come to life.

The Path of Flames Chronicles of the Black Gate, Book 1 p1

Their sensei or teacher is old and skinny but very wise in the way of Zen, and Zen sayings provide much of the humour of the book. The story is exciting, lively and often very funny. Very useful, although things can get a little out of control when a sneeze can literally blast your head off! When John Johnson's friend Crystal is kidnapped by a crime boss with four arms, John convinces his friend Ravi to pack him up and send him to the USA on a rescue mission- via parcel post! This is his first novel for younger readers.

The story of the many adventures of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, gumnut babies, who are always under threat from the wicked banksia men.

Delightful illustrations, especially in the hardback edition, with a number of colour plates.

The Flame Within: Keepers Garden Trilogy, Book One The Flame Within: Keepers Garden Trilogy, Book One
The Flame Within: Keepers Garden Trilogy, Book One The Flame Within: Keepers Garden Trilogy, Book One
The Flame Within: Keepers Garden Trilogy, Book One The Flame Within: Keepers Garden Trilogy, Book One
The Flame Within: Keepers Garden Trilogy, Book One The Flame Within: Keepers Garden Trilogy, Book One
The Flame Within: Keepers Garden Trilogy, Book One The Flame Within: Keepers Garden Trilogy, Book One
The Flame Within: Keepers Garden Trilogy, Book One The Flame Within: Keepers Garden Trilogy, Book One

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