The Elephant And The Kangaroo

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O'Callaghan had come up with some pretty farfetched notions; but when she came running to Mr. White with this announcement, he was convinced she'd lost all touch with reality. Yet when the sensible English writer - whose only mistake had been to set up his workshop on the O'Callaghan's rundown Irish farm - ventured into the kitchen to see what had so upset his landlady, he was shocked to discover that the Archangel Michael had come down the chimney and was hovering there, waiting to pass on a message of deep significance: there was going to be a Flood, and it was up to the O'Callaghans and Mr.

White to build an Ark just the way Noah had. Well, maybe not exactly the way Noah had.

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After all, Mr. White didn't have the same kind of help to work with. Still, he'd find a way to manage, and a way to start the world again too - even though he'd always been a confirmed bachelor. He'd do it all - as long as he didn't have to save the elephants and the kangaroos! April 16, - Published on Amazon.

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In this black comedy about the Irish, a farmer, his wife, and their English lodger believe they have met with Michael the Archangel and been instructed to build an ark to preserve against an impending flood. They do so with comical events and consequences. Mostly, the acerbic wit of author T. White is in evidence as he ridicules all manner of traditions and beliefs. There in neither elephant nor kangaroo in this story. He refers to the lodger and farm wife as 'he the elephant and she the kangaroo' in explaining their repetitive disagreements about things philosophical. Possibly this refers to some known fable or legend which I have not so far been able to discover.

A funny book but not an elephant book.

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The concept of this book was interesting. The Archangel Michael relays the coming of the second flood to Mr. White and his not-so-bright companions. White sets out to build a 20th century Ark out of an overturned barn.

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While there are some good points to this book, they are quickly overshadowed by pages and pages and pages of lists. The author goes on long winded tangents about what items are in a room, and what has been packed into the makeshift Ark. People in one small town, thinking that Mr.

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  • Filled with puzzles and detailed plastic figures and trains and stuffed animals, we spent many hours gazing, wishing and making Christmas lists. Since we arrived near Thanksgiving, I knew I had a good chance of getting my favorite toy in the shop for Christmas. It was a blue baby elephant stuffed toy, whose fur was so soft and cuddly. I fell in love with him and couldn't bear the thought of a month of waiting to see if he would be mine. On Christmas morning, when I found him waiting for me under the tree, I was the happiest a child could have been on that day. It's still one of my all-time favorite gifts.

    The accordion also reminds me of Germany, and not for stereotypical reasons.

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    After we had moved to our second house, there was this old German man who would come door-to-door with his accordion. He would play without ringing the bell until we answered the door. When offered money, he would always decline, asking instead for a Coke. I always wanted to write to the Coca-Cola company with this idea for a commercial.

    So as it is, that elephant with accordion must have been made just for me. That's how I see him, in any case. Want updates?

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    The Elephant And The Kangaroo The Elephant And The Kangaroo
    The Elephant And The Kangaroo The Elephant And The Kangaroo
    The Elephant And The Kangaroo The Elephant And The Kangaroo
    The Elephant And The Kangaroo The Elephant And The Kangaroo
    The Elephant And The Kangaroo The Elephant And The Kangaroo

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