Star Force 4 - Das Artefakt (German Edition)

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While the majority of Londoners, including Cass, simply want to find the artefact so that the hated Vlads will finally pack up and head home, Wilbur has his own thoughts about the nature of the artefact and believes that he can spot clues to its whereabouts in the Captain Jackson comics that he has found throughout the city.

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One such clue leads him to Big Ben and near disaster before Wilbur and Cass are helped by a strange boy named Peyto. Teaming up with Peyto and his friend Erin, Wilbur and Cass are soon hot on the trail of the artefact and a secret that could change the world. The central mystery surrounding the artefact is certainly intriguing, the ravaged London of the future is brilliantly realised, and there is plenty of danger and excitement too.

Although Cass is the most developed character since she is the one narrating the story, the other principle characters are engaging too. Cass, Wilbur, Peyto and Erin make a good team of heroes with each one adding something useful to the mission. A sense of danger hangs over their quest, not just due to the unknown nature of the artefact that they seek, but due to the villains that are pursuing them. The Okhotniks are particularly brilliant baddies.

Six Days is a dynamite dystopian yarn with enough mystery, action and adventure to keep readers hooked until the very end. Oct 30, Jalen rated it really liked it. Even the complete unexpected is a possibility in this thrilling, action packed book. This was a very enjoyable book to read on my free time. The one problem about the book is that in the beginning it is hard to understand, but as it progresses it becomes easier to understand.

The two main characters are Cass and her little brother Wilbur.

They also meet two strangers that later on become a big part of the story. Cass is more of a realistic character that is independent, and likes to keep people in-line. On the other hand, Wilbur is a day dreamer. He loves to read his comic books and always has his head in the clouds. Cass always tries to tell Wilbur to stop daydreaming and focus on working but it seems to never work. The book is set in a future version of London, all torn down and destroyed. They are searching for the special artifact that is said to hold special powers that nobody has ever experienced.

Nobody knows what the artifact looks like, but it is said when you hold it in your hands, you will know you have found it. The catch is they only have six days to do so. Will they find the artifact and save the world. Even the magical powers of St. Overall, this book was just kind of all over the place and sort of sloppily put together, making it a little hard to follow. Cass treated h Eh.

George Ehrman’s Yellow Star

Cass treated him terribly, too. The vision of the future world was okay, I suppose, but all of the stuff the author threw in about billion-year-old sleeping aliens and all that junk made the whole thing just a blob of meh. Not worth my time. Jul 13, Trina rated it liked it Shelves: read-aloud-with-kids. Listened to this aloud on a road trip with my 12 yr old son.

We liked it okay, but were surprised how much language was in it for having picked it up off the children's shelf at the library.

The story was cute enough, but as my son said, "weird. Nov 17, LoLa rated it it was ok. The story started off great but then just kept going and going. I could not even get to the end of the book. The story line is creative but as the reader I got bored because half way through the novel the story became completely different. The world Philip Webbs creates for us is very different from anything see today — set some time in the future, London is no longer the buzzing capital city it was, but is now just a crumbling wreckage of buildings left over from the Quark Wars, where most people were killed by bio-bombs.

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Six Days was an enjoyable book with a very interesting concept. I found it a bit slow to start, but really started to get into it after the first few chapters, where it became much more plot-driven.

Charles Hou

The main character, Cass, was instantly likeable. The story was told in first person from her point of view, and she used a lot of slang that took a bit of getting used to, but I really, really liked her, and warmed to her immediately. She was good at coming up with plans to help everyone, or get them out of trouble, and she always tried to make the best of situations, which I thought was brave of her.

The two outsiders, Peyto and Erin, were also great to read about. While Peyto managed to adapt to most things, Erin struggled a lot more — even when she was starving, she only ate biscuits, and she missed her home and family a lot which made her eager to find the artefact so she could see them again. Wilbur seemed to find Erin and Peyto fascinating, and initially was a lot more keen to help than Cass was, but as they all got to know each other, I think they started to become friends and grew closer. Possibly the most interesting character was Maleeva, the daughter of an important woman in the Vlads, who only showed up nearer the end.

She seemed wise beyond her years, and was willing to sacrifice a lot to help these people she barely knew, which I thought was courageous of her, and also very kind of her to do. Things also started to speed up when she arrived, and there was a lot of action going on which surrounded her. I did feel that towards the end, things did perhaps happen too quickly, and I had to re-read a few bits to grasp what was going on.

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I did like the ending though, and it was left quite open, which I hope means there will be another book! Overall, Six Days was a great combination of sci-fi and dystopian, with a storyline that will never leave you bored. Sep 23, RJ rated it it was amazing. I really liked this but it had lots of adventure and mystery and thats what i like i would rate this book a 5 out of 5.

D3 - Dungeons & Dragons auf Deutsch

It is a unqie book that is one of a kind book. With all of the detail it had at the end about the skull it just blew my mind i would recomend this book to anyone who loves mystery and exitment. London may have been emptied of life because chemical warfare but it is the Scavs who are tearing it to pieces. Under the orders of the Vlads their new Russian leaders the Scavs are destroying everything one brick at a time as they search for a mysterious artifact. No one knows what this artifact looks like or what it can be used for but they know they have to find it if they want the Vlads to leave them in peace.

Cass and Wilbur have grown up helping with the search but it is only when they m London may have been emptied of life because chemical warfare but it is the Scavs who are tearing it to pieces. Cass and Wilbur have grown up helping with the search but it is only when they meet a pair of mysterious strangers that they realise just how important the artifact is. Now they have only 6 days left to find it, and if they don't it will mean the end of the world. When I first picked up Six Days I was expecting a dystopian story but it came as a pleasant surprise to find that it is also science fiction - I loved the mixture of the two genres.

Although the story works well as a stand alone I'd be interested in revisiting this world again so I won't be disappointed if I find out there will be a sequel. Cass is someone I liked from the first page, I loved her cockney accent although I can see that this could be harder for someone not familiar with her way of speech to get used to at first.

Star Wars Artifact Edition

It was fun watching the confusion her accent causes when she first meets Peyto, he spends quite a lot of time not having a clue what she is talking about so it's lucky her little brother Wilbur is there to translate for them. Cass is plucky, brave and very protective of Wilbur, she is also intelligent and uses her skills to keep her brother safe. In a lot of ways Wilbur is her opposite, he has a different way of looking at things and has always been a bit of a dreamer spending much of his time in his own little world. Cass often things of him as a little bit simple but as the story progresses you get to see just how smart really is.

It took me a few chapters to get hooked but once the story had it's claws in me I didn't want to put it down. It's action packed and compelling and a story I'd highly recommend to both dystopian and science fiction fans. Although the story is aimed at younger readers it has plenty for older teens and adults to enjoy too.

Jul 11, Jade Walker rated it really liked it. That's not a bad thing though, while the concepts have a little similarity, the execution is totally unique and fantastically absorbing. I have to admit that I struggled to get into this, maybe it's because I was halfway through another book and couldn't get it off my mind, but I found that for the first few chapters I had to will myself to read on.

That's just a warning though, because about three or four chapters in, the story gets really interesting and after that, I had to will myself to put it down. What I really liked about this book is that it has that childish vibe, with the adventure and the fantasy, but also appeals to young adult and adult readers, with themes of war, a sweet romance and a little bit of gore. I seem to remember one small swear word, but it was nothing offensive. The characters also appeal to all ages; Cass is rough and tough but also a bit vulnerable, traits that will appeal to older readers, but shes also brave and adventurous, which will appeal to kids.

Star Force 4 - Das Artefakt (German Edition) Star Force 4 - Das Artefakt (German Edition)
Star Force 4 - Das Artefakt (German Edition) Star Force 4 - Das Artefakt (German Edition)
Star Force 4 - Das Artefakt (German Edition) Star Force 4 - Das Artefakt (German Edition)
Star Force 4 - Das Artefakt (German Edition) Star Force 4 - Das Artefakt (German Edition)
Star Force 4 - Das Artefakt (German Edition) Star Force 4 - Das Artefakt (German Edition)
Star Force 4 - Das Artefakt (German Edition) Star Force 4 - Das Artefakt (German Edition)
Star Force 4 - Das Artefakt (German Edition) Star Force 4 - Das Artefakt (German Edition)

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