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World leaders are now routinely talking about the scourges of financial secrecy and tax havens, and putting into place new mechanisms to tackle the problem.

For the first time the G20 countries have mandated the OECD to put together a new global system of automatic information exchange to help countries find out about the cross-border holdings of their taxpayers and criminals. This scheme is now being rolled out, with first information due to be exchanged in Yet of course these schemes are full of loopholes and shortcomings: many countries are planning to pay only lip service to them, if that -- and many are actively seeking ways to undermine progress, with the help of a professional infrastructure of secrecy enablers.

The psychology of secrecy

The edifice of global financial secrecy has been weakened - but it remains fully alive and hugely destructive. Despite what you may have read in the media, Swiss banking secrecy is far from dead. Without sustained political pressure from millions of people, the momentum could be lost. The only realistic way to address these problems comprehensively is to tackle them at root: by directly confronting offshore secrecy and the global infrastructure that creates it.

A first step towards this goal is to identify as accurately as possible the jurisdictions that make it their business to provide offshore secrecy. This is what the FSI does. It is the product of years of detailed research by a dedicated team, and there is nothing else like it out there.

We also have a set of unique reports outlining detailed offshore histories of the biggest players in the game.

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Click here for the full ranking. For further questions, click here. The index was launched on January 30, If Britain's network were assessed together, it would be at the top. See full index here.

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Researching parapolitics: Replication, qualitative research, and social science methodology. In The dual state parapolitics, Carl Schmitt and the national security complex, edited by Eric Wilson, Scheppele, Kim Lane.

Financial Secrecy Index - 2018 Results

Legal secrets: Equality and efficiency in the common law. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Simmel, Georg. The sociology of Georg Simmel. Edited and trans.

What is financial secrecy?

New York: Free Press. The secret and the secret society. American Journal of Sociology 11 no. Tefft, Stanley K. The dialectics of secret society power in states.

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Thomas, Gary. How to do your case study: A guide for students and researchers. Secrecy, disclosure, and social theory. In Secrecy, a crosscultural perspective, edited by Stanley K. Tefft, 35— New York: Human Sciences Press. For inquiries, contact: Secrecy and Society. Advanced Search.

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