Magnetic Abundance: Life without Excuses

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Do you want to become a Money Magnet?

This old saying is probably most popular thought around money. Though it seems to be true, however, this will never make you Rich or a Money Magnet. Being a Money Magnet means you keep attracting more and more wealth to you all the times. And when you invest what you make it will bring more. Another old saying about money, this is again focusing around, not trusting the source of abundance. Your abundance is coming from the Universe. Your job or business are only mediums of receiving the money from the source.

Trust the Universe and live in the flow of abundance, no matter its a sunny day or rainy day once you become a money magnet it will always be inflow to you. The economic depression comes and goes, but there are people whose wealth stays in the inflow and they keep increasing it year after year. How do they do it? They know their connection with the money. When you believe to become a money magnet you must open yourself to multiple sources of inflow. Follow your passion and live in abundance, many depressions will come and go but your inflow will never stop.

Jealousy or envy for others fortune is the worst you can do for your own abundance. Rather than resenting start rejoicing in others money, success, and abundance. This is the Greatest Myth about Money. If it would have been true, then donkey would have been the richest animal on the planet. Else all the people working in factories and fields must have grown massively wealthy.

Do your work but do it in the right way, in the right fashion with the utmost positivity and passion. Then you will be highly efficient, then you will open yourself to success and abundance.

21 Excuses That Make Up Your Money Story - Abundance Coach for Women in Business | Evelyn Lim

The abundance is waiting for you, but you can have it only when you break the negative bonds around it. Whether you recognize them or not, but these are the statement running inside your mind and stopping you from becoming a money magnet. These negative affirmations are your money stealers. You must remove these negative beliefs now. These old limiting beliefs will always keep you away from your abundant life. It must leave your consciousness to make you prosper. If at all you are practicing positive affirmation, these negative affirmations are keeping you back. Is this statement sound familiar?

Let me share you the right perspective in the words of the famous American Author Mark Twain, he said. And the greatest evil in your life is that you are making yourself live a life of misery and away from the abundance. Be ready and promise yourself that you will remove these negative affirmations from your life and open yourself to the positive possibilities of an abundant life.

Tell yourself that you deserve all the abundance in this Universe. If you have negativity about money then more negativity will come to you. If you think more evil thoughts about money more evil people will come to you and take your money away.

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Only when you start thinking good about money more money will come to you. Remember the law of attraction is working for you. These 25 Negative affirmations or belief about money is the best resource you find on the internet. Read this 25 list of negative beliefs and know how many you hold yourself. Take your journal and note down the negative beliefs you need to change mentioned in the list of 25 negative beliefs.

You may not be having all of them but if you are yet to reach your abundance then you must be holding some of this list. As per the above step, you must list down the negative beliefs holding you back. If this post has hit on your head about the beliefs you had for money, then do share your feelings and experience after reading this post. In the next post, read the Top Positive Money Magnet Affirmations that you can use every day to live your abundance. Fire flame gratitude to all elementals and the universe. Now I am completely Happy and Positive about Money.

I am a Money magnet and I am Abundance. Now I release all my negative beliefs about money from my mind,body and soul.. Iam a money magnet.. Iam aboundant.. Now I realise all. Your email address will not be published. Free LOA Course. Do you want to become a Money Magnet? If your answer is YES, great! To let Law of Attraction work for Money, one of the best tools is Affirmation. Money is filthy and dirty. Money is just a piece of paper. You need money to feed others only.

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  6. I am poor but clean or good person. I will never get a good job.

    I will never make any money. Money goes out faster than it comes in. I am always in debt. Poor people can never get out of problems. So aspire to become a money magnet and live your abundance and stop being poor. My parents were poor and I will be poor. My life is only to struggle.

    Only people cheat makes money. Everyone else comes first. This is especially faced by business people and entrepreneurs.

    25 Negative Affirmations MONEY

    I am not good enough to make money. Everyone is great at making abundant money. Everyone on this planet is a money magnet. Remember everyone walking on the surface of the earth is a Money-Magnet. Never tell anyone what I have in the bank. Fear is your greatest enemy. Many people are fearful about money when they started making money.

    Do you have the fear that others can steal your money? This is what you probably heard most of the time. A penny saved is a penny earned. Focus on your magnetism for money and attract in abundance. Save for the rainy day. A depression could come at any moment. Habits, even the bad ones are familiar. Most people are comfortable with things that feel familiar and uncomfortable with things that feel unfamiliar.

    When people are familiar with pain, they start to enjoy listening to themselves complain. Complaining means that you believe you are a victim That means that when there is no one else to blame, you have to be willing to look in the mirror. Personal transformation is your ability to personally transform. Again, I ask you, are you desperate for change? Often, people will ask me, how can they discover what their purpose is. Humans tend to make things more complicated than they have to be.

    I think there's a lot of myth around the idea of purpose. I hear a lot of people talk about wanting to find God's purpose for them.

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    6. I've never felt like God gave me a purpose. Yet, I've always lived my purpose because I've always felt like my purpose was to do whatever I was truly interested in at the moment. Purpose is simply the reason why you do something. I simply do things I love doing.

      Life Abundant! Miracle Happens While You Sleep Meditation: Miraculous Provision For Jesus Seekers

      Yes, my title is a spiritual life coach, but trust me, I'm not Mother Teresa.

      Magnetic Abundance: Life without Excuses
      Magnetic Abundance: Life without Excuses
      Magnetic Abundance: Life without Excuses
      Magnetic Abundance: Life without Excuses
      Magnetic Abundance: Life without Excuses

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