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In this issue you will also find a number of How-I-do-it articles e. Guest editor Chiara Bucciarelli-Ducci, M. A significant part of this issue is dedicated to myocardial parameter mapping native T1 and extracellular volume fraction, ECV , new methods that have brought a new dimension to non-invasive myocardial tissue characterization. The CMR Spotlight introduces the MUST project where structural and functional changes in myocardial and skeletal muscles, induced by ultra-endurance running, are detected.

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Guest editor Jeong Min Lee, M. The overview of the spectrum of demyelinating disorders and their typical and atypical imaging findings will be especially relevant to your daily clinical practice and we are sure that you will enjoy the history of 30 years of innovation at Siemens. Read about the advances in minimally invasive tumor ablation and in image guided radiotherapy. Treatment monitoring is another challenging area in cancer care.

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See how whole-body diffusion-weighted MRI helps to positively assess therapy effectiveness even when morphology is unhelpful. Guest editor Elmar Merkle, M. Guest editor Michael Ditchfield, M.

MRI has undergone a major revolution over recent years with higher field strength, sequences that overcome SAR issues and suppress motion artifacts, parallel imaging, 3D imaging and improved coil technology. The combination of these techniques and a better appreciation of the needs of children and how to improve their capacity to cooperate has expanded the role of MRI in pediatrics. This issue of MAGNETOM Flash showcases many of these exciting new techniques from renowned experts and demonstrates how they have been applied both to clinical pediatric imaging and in research.

Guest editor Orlando P.

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Simonetti, Ph. The three new technologies of myocardial parameter mapping, CMR-PET, and compressed sensing discussed in this issue represent some of the most exciting recent advances in CMR. They offer the potential to significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of CMR, and to expand the information CMR can provide to physicians to better diagnose and treat cardiovascular disease. Guest editor Mustafa R. Bashir, M. MRI is under pressure to demonstrate consistent examination quality, despite increasing use in challenging populations, such as the obese and those with diminished breath-holding capacity.

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The articles in the RSNA issue introduce fast imaging techniques for body, cardiovascular and stroke imaging, but also focus on the comfortable MRI experience by discussing methods to reduce acoustic noise. Guest editor Heinz-Peter Schlemmer, M.

In this issue you will find exciting examples from the broad spectrum of oncological MRI applications. In addition, the possibilities of intelligent IT concepts for reporting and workflow optimization are illustrated. Future outlooks with imaging and spectroscopy at 9. Cardiovascular MR imaging particularly benefits from fast imaging.

It contains a variety of technical and clinical information spanning the spectrum of bone, joint and soft tissue topics, DWI of bone marrow, functional cartilage imaging, all the way to 7T applications in MSK. Latest 2D and 3D techniques in practice and future directions in both anatomic and functional domains of peripheral nerve imaging are addressed in detail. Profound introductions to pediatric and fetal MRI. The issue also includes articles on liver imaging with syngo MR B17 and how to use the Tim Planning Suite for whole spine examinations.

One main aspect is certainly the development of biomarkers and surrogates to understand processes like angiogenesis and hypoxia within tumor tissue, to guide therapy in a most efficient and patient-centric way. Focused on oncology, this issue shows the potential of MRI for detection and follow-up of malignancies including comprehensive imaging techniques such as diffusion-weighted MRI and its further developments. This issue includes in-depth descriptions of industry-unique applications that are new with software version syngo MR B This 3T special issue presents case reports from most areas of radiology, articles e.

Routine and pediatric case reports showing the benefits of the new channel head coil. Workflow improvement and application tips. And much more. This issue contains state-of-the-art breast imaging techniques, including spectroscopy and diffusion. Furthermore, case studies from different body regions such as abdomen and pelvis, neurology, cardiovascular, and orthopedics have been chosen to complement this issue.

It aims at beginners and experts and provides up-to-date content about the CMR in clinical routine. Still it is so concise that it can be read during a weekend. Quick Links. Access the 4D Flow. Download MRI protocols and learn more. Learn more about Compressed Sensing Try it on your system! Free-of-charge 90 day trial licenses.

Embrace human nature at 1. Embrace human nature at 3T. Cine illustrating Case 1: Muscular dystrophy Try it on your system! Quick Link. Videos, keynotes and further articles on Compressed Sensing.

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More on MR Fingerprinting Try it on your system! Learn more! Try it on your system! Listen to the talks of experienced and renowned experts. Talks on Simultaneous Multi-Slice. Free-of-charge 90 day trial licenses Download the syngo. Prostate MRI. Quick Links:.

La vidéo dans Flash (French Edition) La vidéo dans Flash (French Edition)
La vidéo dans Flash (French Edition) La vidéo dans Flash (French Edition)
La vidéo dans Flash (French Edition) La vidéo dans Flash (French Edition)
La vidéo dans Flash (French Edition) La vidéo dans Flash (French Edition)
La vidéo dans Flash (French Edition) La vidéo dans Flash (French Edition)
La vidéo dans Flash (French Edition) La vidéo dans Flash (French Edition)
La vidéo dans Flash (French Edition) La vidéo dans Flash (French Edition)

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