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You need to cast on 16 sts. Then after the set-up row, you will have 19 sts on your needle. This is perfect for a scarf I want to make but I am having trouble visualizing the end and how it translates into the two rows of what looks like droped stitiches.

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Is there anyway to take pictures or reference me to a website that describes what is happening at the end? I absolutely love this pattern! I just knitted up a shorter version to make sure I can do the finishing which looks awesome , and I have a quick question about the end. Why do you add two stitches after dropping the purl stitch?

It looks like my mini-scarf got longer at the end, but is that just my imagination? We added two stitches after dropping the purl stitch to match the width of the dropped stitch. When we first tried it with just one additional stitch, the end pulled in.

If you find the two stitches are making the end flair out, then just use one. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Block and weave in ends. Next post: Make a Sweater with Kersti! Christina Corbett.

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Whichever way your software is, that is the way your mind, emotion and body function. Even your energy moves that way. Whatever kind of karma you have, it is a limited possibility and that is what makes you into a limited person. Depending on what kind of impressions you took in, whether it was hatred and anger, or love and joy, you accordingly have a certain kind of personality — usually every human being is a complex mixture of these things. Once you allow this karmic structure to build beyond a certain point, there is really no such thing as freedom.

Everything that you do is conditioned by the past. So if you want to move in the direction of liberation, one of the first things that you need to do is to loosen the grip and shackle of karma. Otherwise, no movement will happen. How do you do that? One simple way is to break the karma physically. But you give it a cold shower. Now, you are just breaking the old karmic process by consciously doing something. This is not the only way, there are other subtler and more effective ways, I am just telling you the crudest possible way. What you dislike, you have to do it consciously. What you like you can do it unconsciously, isn't it?

Now i understand the conditions or rules which we follow for silence program.. Where does the karma come from for the first human birth a being takes? Also sadhguru said that a lot of realization happens at death. How does it wrap up the last impression of karma left at the time of death? When a person dies in road accident is it because of karma as well? When a baby is aborted or terminated due to medical complications how does that karma work?

In Ramayan the karmic explanation was given for the reason why Rama had to suffer the separation of Sita after he became king but no explanation was given on why Sita had to suffer for most part of life. What karma did Sita came with? The one thing that completely perplexes me is the pain on animals in slaughter houses both for meat and in the leather industry.


How can an animal have such a karma to undergo that pain. I come up with more questions when I try to understand the nature of Karma. It is hard to change and give up certain things being creatures of habit. But when I came close to death once, it really changed my life.

I found it easy to forgive and forget wrongs and give away materialistic possessions. They mattered little in the grand scheme of things. I wanted to do something meaningful with my life. Without Karma there is no life here The effort is to reduce the 'bad' karma not really bad but certain actions that spawns or set us up for more such actions at mind, emotion, body and energy levels consciously so we can dissolve somewhat easily when the time comes.

Human-In-the loop Intelligence

It would be wonderful if the conscious action is effortless. Let me try first. I will now wake up at 4. See Minimum System Requirements. KARMA provides independent real-time control over various aspects of a musical phrase, such as rhythm, duration, accents, chord density, pitch bending, tonal variation, panning, repeats, randomization, etc. Some people refer to it as "an arpeggiator on steroids," although even that description doesn't do it justice. It's simply the most advanced music generation technology available!

More Info - Long Description. No, it cannot be installed directly into the M There are no modifications to the M50 or the M50 OS operating system. The M50 arpeggiator has very little you can vary in realtime other than gate, velocity and tempo, and extremely simple patterns.

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KARMA has hundreds of parameters that can be varied in real-time, either from the on screen sliders and switches in the "Realtime Controls Editor," or via knobs, sliders and switches from an external control device, such as a Novation Remote 25, Peavey PC, etc. You can jam with it, use it for inspiration to spark new song ideas, use it generate individual bass lines, synth parts, drum grooves etc. And it's easy to store your own variations and patterns in additional banks within the software - you can even import simple MIDI phrases and have them instantly turned into KARMA Generated Effects GEs that go far beyond the capabilities of the originals!

That's Generated Effects GEs , 5 banks of Programs Programs and 3 banks of Combis Combis , all of them programmed by Korg's top voicing designers to generate intricate and inspirational grooves, textures, ambient pads and sonic mayhem. And if you feel you've exhausted the possibilities there or just want more, several of Karma-Lab's extremely popular add-on sound sets are available in KARMA M50 versions - a slew of additional Combis that are even more focused on grooves and song ideas.

ALMA - Karma (Lyrics)

Yes, but only if you actually have a Korg M50 connected to the software. The M50 must be located on the global port settings. By using KM50's Virtual Ports, you can also control many soft synths and audio generating programs such as Reason. Not at the moment, but we may be producing one in the future.

Karmas Loop Karmas Loop
Karmas Loop Karmas Loop
Karmas Loop Karmas Loop
Karmas Loop Karmas Loop
Karmas Loop Karmas Loop

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