How to Find your Best Job Ever

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Every 3 seconds someone takes the career test by CareerFitter.

They might be multi-passionate and have multiple talents, skills, traits and interests.

Talks to help you find the right job

They could also be the ones less aware of their actual strengths. When overwhelmed with options, we often choose none.

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With so many different paths, how do we pick and choose just one enjoyable and fulfilling career? To answer this question, you have to think about choosing the right field and role for who you are. Do you think you would enjoy a career in healthcare, IT, engineering, fashion or education? Also important to consider is the role that would be suitable for you.

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Would you be better of as a salesperson, a manager, a designer or an administrator? It could also be some sort of unique combination of a few roles. As mentioned by Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton in Now, Discover Your Strengths , there are several tools that could help you make up your mind and find your dream job:. Try career guidance tests that match your disposition to a certain career field. They study each personality type, compare it to each field in their database and put you in a box with the ones you resemble the most.

Find the connection between certain roles and certain strengths.

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  • It is apparent that people who excel in the same role do possess some similar themes. You should always keep in mind that people with very different theme combinations can play a certain role equally well.

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    Most importantly, follow your strengths. The results detail your strengths and weaknesses, which can give you some hints into what kinds of roles you might excel in.

    The TypeFinder® for Career Planning

    The MAPP test is perhaps one of the most comprehensive career assessments out there, giving you a narrative report talking about what sorts of tasks you like best, how you like to perform them, and how you deal with people, data, things, reasoning, and language. The assessment also provides a list of 20 possible career areas for you. If you do well, you can see which jobs require that skill—and get a sense of what types of careers might be a fit for your abilities.

    Learn more about how you work and relate to others with this quick test. This test tells you which of the eight Enneagram types you are most like: the reformer, the helper, the achiever, the individualist, the investigator, the loyalist, the enthusiast, the challenger, or the peacemaker. Understanding more about your type can not only help you get along better with your co-workers , but can also give you hints about characteristics you need in a career in order for it to be fulfilling.

    What Job Is Right For You ? Personality Test

    But, if you only have a few minutes and need a break from the workday? The introvert —a shy person or one who keeps their thoughts private—tend to work best alone or in small groups. Introverts can be very focused. They have strong attention to detail because they enjoy concentrating on one task at a time.

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    • Ideal jobs: veterinarian, archivist, social media manager, computer programmer, researcher, bookkeeper, accountant, paralegal. The extrovert —an outgoing or overly express person—enjoys working in large groups and often prefers team assignments. They are typically comfortable speaking in public and leading group activities.

      They are also multitaskers who works best when juggling a variety of assignments.


      Ideal industries: human resources, public relations, sales, health, and wellness. Ideal jobs: human resources representative, public relations representative, sales manager, real estate agent, physical therapist, EMT, dental hygienist, actor. The organizer is outgoing, detail-oriented, and practical. Organizers enjoy the community and conventional structure and order in daily life. They enjoy following standard rules and procedures but like to be involved in groups. Organizers enjoy jobs in which they can gather and manage data.

      They have a desire to remove clutter , which allows them to enjoy tasks ranging from organizing an office to editing an article. Ideal industries: publishing, administration, finance, hospitality, and tourism. Ideal jobs: editor, copy editor, office manager, administrative assistant, accountant, payroll clerk. The artistic person likes to use their hands as well as their minds. They enjoy being creative and innovative in their job. Artists typically do not enjoy conventional work settings, but instead, prefer to work on their own time with limited supervision and a flexible schedule.

      How to Find your Best Job Ever How to Find your Best Job Ever
      How to Find your Best Job Ever How to Find your Best Job Ever
      How to Find your Best Job Ever How to Find your Best Job Ever
      How to Find your Best Job Ever How to Find your Best Job Ever
      How to Find your Best Job Ever How to Find your Best Job Ever
      How to Find your Best Job Ever How to Find your Best Job Ever

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