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Home Teenagers Spot on news lessons for teens The world at your fingertips. Related Resources. Rate this resource 4. Readers' comments 9 web editor Mon, 16 Apr am Hello msn. The onestopenglish team Unsuitable or offensive? Report this comment msn. Thank you Unsuitable or offensive? Between months in studio and concerts in Portugal, the album "Venice" was released worldwide on the music market in March The energy and spirit of the elements of the band made them inspired and there was still a lot of material to work on. The ideas were more and the need to put them in the studio was the main thought of the band.

After six months in the studio, the album "2" arrives to the public on 5 March The album "2", the band's second album with Joana, means the duality that exists daily: right and wrong, night and day, white and black, silence and noise.

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Where music is emotion, communication and relationship. A theme that reflects well the band's daily life and the stage that they went through, between work, stress and without being able to stop and have quiet moments. Basically, living against the time that insists on passing quickly. The band started a tour in Portugal by visiting more than 20 cities, from March to September Each concert in each city demonstrates a history, the history of the band, the history of life and the history of each of us.

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The strenuous energy and liveliness experienced in each concert is showed on the attitude of the band, who don't want to make music for the masses, but rather Music in its true sense and suitable to all those who have gotten used to listening to the great hits of this band with quality and good taste. Fingertips is music, is communication, is emotion and much more than that.

Fingertips showed that music and solidarity can and should be united, helping those who need it most. To this end, they created the solidarity ticket, which consists of a discount of the ticket for the concert for people who bring a food package that will be reverted to the aided institutions.

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Caritas, Red Cross, Acreditar, Bank food against hunger among many others were the institutions included in this "2" tour. In October the Fingertips made their first appearance in Asia with several concerts in Shanghai and Hangzhou. In the Fingertips inspired by their Asia experience begin to prepare a new path for the international promotion of their music. They are invited to create the official song of Eurogym The song "Let's Share" was presented at the presentation ceremony of the Stadium in Coimbra. In they began a trip through Europe, passing through Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin where they film a video documentary under the direction of director Vasco Mendes.

In the year they edited the single "Somebody New" and chosen their hometown Viseu to film the official video. All discography recorded between and are re-edited in digital format.

To conclude that exposure to relentless violence via entertainment has no impact on actual behavior is to ignore at least two important differences that afflict American audiences uniquely. Only two other countries include a right to bear arms in their constitutions—Mexico and Guatemala—and in both cases severe restrictions are involved. The second difference is the obviously related fact that it is far easier to own a gun here than just about anywhere else on earth.

And so it is sophistry at best to say that real-life gun violence in the U. This is not an apples-to-apples comparison.

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Note that I am avoiding arguing against gun violence in entertainment on the merits. I am not saying it is almost literally insane to be so consistently entertained in our movies and in our games by things that would in real life be horrific. Side note: remember how movie characters always used to smoke in movies? Because everyone knows that what people watch on a screen as entertainment can affect personal behavior. Everyone knows this but stops knowing it when it comes to gun violence.

With common-sense—which is to say, strict—gun regulation, sure, okay, if you must, bring on the violent entertainment. But without anything resembling a responsible or rational approach to gun ownership, the ceaseless and often outright mindless use of guns in our entertainment vehicles is nothing more or less than product placement for the NRA. When a gun in some cases is as easy or even easier?

Nothing to see here! I may not have been actively anti-country but I was never a fan, just generally ignoring the whole genre. Sixteen hours of spellbinding television later, I have, to paraphrase Hank Williams, seen the light.


It brings a neglected but huge area of music into my range of knowledge and interest and that can only be a good thing. As different as they are I now love both versions. Plant I salute in particular, for managing in our current century to create a new and mature version of his musician self that feels strong and secure. But then again, William Shakespeare wrote for money. What counts is the output when all is said and done.

This new one, laced with melancholy, is very ELO-y indeed, and I see nothing wrong with that. Adding to the muddle was the release that same year of the album Sounds From True Stories , which was a partial soundtrack recording. The album is not an easy listen from start to finish but the more you give yourself over to it, the more engaging it becomes.

Fingertips Fingertips
Fingertips Fingertips
Fingertips Fingertips
Fingertips Fingertips
Fingertips Fingertips
Fingertips Fingertips
Fingertips Fingertips
Fingertips Fingertips

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