Ein Sonntag auf dem Lande (German Edition)

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In the Bundesrat — the council of Germany's 16 states and upper house of parliament — he serves on the Committee on Foreign Affairs and is deputy chairman of the Committee on European Affairs. Many in the SPD have long seen him as a possible new hope to lead the party forward. Schwesig, born and raised in the former East Germany, is the first woman to lead the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

The year-old previously served as minister of family affairs under Chancellor Angela Merkel, a role she used to push for equal opportunities for women and better state childcare facilities. She serves on the Bundesrat's Committee on Foreign Affairs.

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Scholz, 60, is seen by some of his fellow party members as a technocrat and is considered to belong to the SPD's conservative wing. As finance minister under Merkel, he has been committed to curbing public spending and keeping a lid on new debt.

He also served as federal minister of labor and social affairs in Merkel's Cabinet from to A reasonably popular figure in the SPD, Dreyer was voted in as deputy party chairwoman in with Despite repeatedly stating she would not want to leave her western state for Berlin, she is still seen as a possible replacement for Nahles. The year-old has served as premier of Rhineland-Palatinate since and is the first woman to hold the office. The year-old Bundestag member from Cologne is one of the deputy chairs of the SPD's parliamentary group.

In that role, he is responsible for foreign affairs, defense and human rights policy. He is well respected within the party and could be tapped as interim SPD leader in the Bundestag. He is a deputy chair of the SPD's parliamentary group, overseeing budgetary affairs, finance and Europe.

As secretary-general of the Party of European Socialists, he is also considered well connected at the European level. The former president of the European Parliament has been suggested as another possible challenger. The year-old ran as the SPD's candidate for chancellor in but lost to Merkel. He subsequently stepped down as SPD leader. He has already said he doesn't want the job back, but Germany's Bild am Sonntag newspaper reported last week that he was keen to lead the SPD parliamentary group. Every evening, DW sends out a selection of the day's news and features.

Sign up here. Here's a look at Germany's political parties, who they are and what they want.

1 Introduction

Three SPD politicians, including two state premiers, are set to provisionally lead the party after Andrea Nahles announced her resignation. When the party will elect a new leader will be determined later this month. Andrea Nahles, the leader of Germany's SPD, has announced her resignation following poor results for her party at the European elections. The move could destabilize Angela Merkel's coalition. Andrea Nahles has resigned as leader of the Social Democrats after the party's poor performance in the European elections. Whoever takes the reins inherits a party in disarray.

DW looks at the potential candidates.

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Potential investors in Africa want transparency and trust, German Chancellor Angela Merkel tells African leaders at the third annual Compact with Africa summit in Berlin. The initiative aims to boost private investment in Africa — but challenges remain. More info OK. Context sentences for "Sonntag". Sonntag nach Ostern. Low Sunday , Quasimodo geniti. I am not very optimistic about our trip on Sunday.

Sonntag Morgen. Sunday morning. Trinity Sunday. Example sentences from external sources for "Sonntag" not checked by the Langenscheidt editorial team. The cinema Theaters will remain closed on Saturday and Sunday. Source: GlobalVoices.

A Lopez Obrador supporter before the presidential candidate debate on Sunday, May 6. We will be discussing this at next Sunday' s conclave. Source: Europarl. Tom said it might be Sunday, now--maybe Monday. Source: Books.


This is why our people should know precisely what they are voting for this Sunday.

Ein Sonntag auf dem Lande (German Edition) Ein Sonntag auf dem Lande (German Edition)
Ein Sonntag auf dem Lande (German Edition) Ein Sonntag auf dem Lande (German Edition)
Ein Sonntag auf dem Lande (German Edition) Ein Sonntag auf dem Lande (German Edition)
Ein Sonntag auf dem Lande (German Edition) Ein Sonntag auf dem Lande (German Edition)
Ein Sonntag auf dem Lande (German Edition) Ein Sonntag auf dem Lande (German Edition)

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