Brides Pearl - Commentary On Ephesians

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Selecting appropriate jewelry is no different from selecting an appropriate dress. She explained her reluctance to enter that field because she is twice the weight of other models. But she has learned to accept herself as beautiful. What she said sounds just like what the Apostle Peter wanted women to understand:. Kristin is right. And once you accept yourself as beautiful on the inside, you are free to enhance your beauty with some outward adornment such as a pretty dress, nice hairstyle, or tasteful jewelry.

God does not change Malachi What God declared to be a good and beautiful blessing in the Old Testament did not suddenly become evil in the New Testament. Yes, temporarily, because they had used most of their jewelry to melt down and make a graven image of a golden calf to worship as an idol, and then they lied about where it had come from.

Aaron claimed the statue appeared magically out of the fire where he had told the people to put the jewelry to melt it down. The people bowed down to the calf because they thought Moses and God had abandoned them. Exodus The problem had nothing to do with wearing jewelry. The problem was: they had taken off their jewelry misused it; they melted it down into a statue. But I will not go with you, because you are a stiff-necked people and I might destroy you on the way.

That was a sign of mourning , similar to the custom of putting on sackcloth and ashes when mourning or repenting Esther It was like our modern custom of wearing black at funerals or flying the flag a half-staff in times of national mourning. If I were to go with you Now take off your ornaments [i.

See also Ezekiel He made a covenant with Israel to avoid making graven images as idols Exodus Once the mourning was finished and the covenant relationship was restored, the jewelry went back on. By the next chapter, the people willingly made a freewill offering, donating some of their jewelry, linen, yarn, leather, wood, spices, and oil, to decorate the tabernacle and priestly garments. They had a lot of jewelry left to wear, and they clearly wore it, as most of the positive verses about wearing jewelry in the Bible came after that time.

And more recently, Jesus Himself spoke of jewelry in a positive light.

As I now see what the Bible really says about jewelry as a good and beautiful blessing from God, I can see the hypocrisy of our man-made anti-jewelry doctrines. By the way, the Bible says scarves and brooches are adornment just like jewelry. See Exodus and Isaiah She forgot that all our righteous acts are like filthy rags Isaiah She hinted that any girl wearing jewelry is a rebel who has a problem with God. The lady failed to consider that God Himself told the Israelite women to put jewelry on their children and God gave all kinds of jewelry to the women in the allegory of Ezekiel and in Isaiah , among many other verses.

Two men went up to the temple to pray, one a Pharisee and the other a publican. I fast twice a week and give a tithe of all my income.

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Luke We should not and must not prohibit the jewelry that God has clearly blessed in verse after verse in the Bible. We should not take little snippets of verses out of context to create man-made doctrines and unbiblical burdens. What God has called good, let no man call bad. What about my church denomination? What if my pastor tells us not to wear jewelry? We are saved by grace through faith in Jesus. We are not saved by friends, pastors, or a denomination.

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The United Pentecostal Church still mandates this prohibition. But it is nice to see some church denominations moving towards a more biblical approach. For example, the Methodist Church stopped regulating jewelry in and started to expressly allow wedding rings in The Church of God relaxed its rules against ornamental jewelry in the late s.

Adventist colleges are also moving toward a more biblical policy. I embrace the message; I reject the subculture. You see, God likes jewelry! That is something to really think about: if you avoid makeup and jewelry, you could actually be putting up a road block that creates a barrier to the people you are trying to witness to. Costly name-brand clothes, fancy hairstyles, Michael Kors handbags, expensive watches, or expensive cars, should not be the ultimate source of our feelings of beauty and self-worth.

But the Bible simply does not condemn jewelry. Jesus is our standard of truth.

Jesus said salvation comes through loving God with all our heart, and loving our neighbor as our self. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast. Jesus never condemned adornment. There is more to Christianity than [worrying about] jewelry.

The "Bride of Christ" Is Not the Church

Jesus looked at the heart. A woman may look like Plain Jane and may be corrupt in her heart. One of my favorite devotional books explains:. By what means, then, shall we determine whose side we are on? Who has the heart? With whom are our thoughts? Of whom do we love to converse?

Who has our warmest affections and our best energies? Steps to Christ , p. The Pharisees did not have that kind of loving relationship. Their religion was a checklist: what you must not do and a bunch of extra things they said you must do.

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Jesus condemned the Pharisees for adding burdens of rules and regulations that God Himself had never imposed. We can have a refreshing love relationship with our Savior. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light. In the past I had read and relied upon books and articles by Crews, Batchelor, and Bacchiocchi.

Comment : Unlike other gems, pearls are produced by a living organism, an oyster, as the result of an injury. It usually begins forming around a grain of sand or an egg of some parasite that invaded the oyster. The oyster protects itself by layering the irritant with nacre mother-of-pearl until, out of pain and suffering, it forms an object of great beauty. The offending party actually becomes a gem of great worth. In a similar way, spiritually, we are an irritant, a parasite due to our nature and sins Romans However, because God loves us, we are covered by the blood of Jesus Christ , and gradually, we can become a thing of beauty, clothed with the righteousness of Him who bought us Romans ; Ephesians As long as the pearl—the church—remains in the oyster—the world—it has no value.

In fact, the pearl has no real intrinsic worth; its value resides in the immense cost paid for it. The merchant is willing to buy the pearl at an exorbitant cost. No one can buy salvation or the Kingdom of God or eternal life for himself.

Bride's Pearl - Commentary On Ephesians by Brian Kinsey

Grace would not be grace if one were able to barter with God Luke According to Scripture, we have no righteousness, no talents, no goods, nothing that is of any value in purchasing such a priceless gift from God Isaiah Peter's denunciation of Simon Magus clearly shows that no one can buy what belongs to God Acts Further, we do not choose Christ but He selects us John ; Luke Since He is the merchant, the price paid was His life, and the church is the pearl.

The church is one body Ephesians , composed of those He has sought out through the ages to be a habitation of Christ by His Spirit and who will be His bride at His return. The Pearl presents a wonderful picture of the purchase of the church in preparation for the Kingdom of God. It is encouraging to know that Jesus does not seek us in reluctant fulfillment of duty.

Nor is He groping in the dark, hoping that we will respond to His plea, but He seeks us out with an efficient, organized, pre-planned goal in mind. He pursues us as a man courts a woman to be his bride, willing to spill His own blood as her purchase price Acts What greater price could have been paid for the church than the life of Jesus Christ, the perfect sacrifice? Receive Biblical truth in your inbox—spam-free!

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Brides Pearl - Commentary On Ephesians
Brides Pearl - Commentary On Ephesians
Brides Pearl - Commentary On Ephesians
Brides Pearl - Commentary On Ephesians
Brides Pearl - Commentary On Ephesians
Brides Pearl - Commentary On Ephesians

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